Piercing FAQ

Piercing is not an easy procedure and it's normal to ask the questions to find more information on the piercing you are going to do or you already have. And here are the answers on some piercing frequently asked questions.

  1. Will it hurt?- Mental fear and anxiety are the worst part of piercing, as practice has proved. The procedure itself is usually very brief and most of people just smile and laugh on their fears when it's over. But there is pain and of course it is individual.
  2. What if the piercer or the shop seem dirty and not sterile?- If you re going to pierce your body, you'd better do some research beforehand. There are so many piercing salons and shops nowadays that you are sure to find the trusted local one. If you see that the shop is unprofessional, don't choose it. Ask the friends who have healthy and beautiful piercing about the place they did it and check some information in the Pierced community. In the place where you'll be performing piercing, everything should be quality, friendly, sterile and professional- pay special attention to sterile piercing needles and gloves.
  3. How long will the piercing take to heal?- It depends on the place of the body. Facial and oral piercings take more healing time though individual body reacts its own way and it greatly depends on the aftercare. Here is the list of approximate time for healing of various types of piercing.

    Earlobe, eyebrow, labret, lip and septum piercings: 6-8 weeks.
    Cartilage and nostril piercing: 2 months- 1 year.
    Tongue piercing: 4-6 weeks.
    Belly button piercing: 6 months- 1 year and more.
    Nipple piercing: 2-6 months.
    Cheek piercing: 2-3 months.
    Genital piercing: 4 weeks-6 months.

  4. What can't I do during healing period?- You should take your piercing as a wound and think what you would and what not with a real wound. You should treat it gently and avoid anything that may cause irritation or displacing of fresh piercing.
  5. Should I start with stainless steel, gold or titanium piercing jewelry?- Yes. These are the materials proved to be the best to prevent adverse reaction of your body to new object. And if you want to wear piercing jewelry of another material- be patient and wait until your piercing is completely healed. Then you will be able to enjoy the jewelry you like.
  6. How soon can I change the starter jewelry?- It varies from person to person. It's better to wait for the end of full healing period when your piercing is entirely healed. Then you won't damage your piercing changing the jewelry. If you are inpatient and will change it at the end of initial healing period when a nice layer of skin is created between the starter jewelry and your body, you take high risk of reopening the wound and possibility of infection. And in both cases you should change it with all possible care.
  7. Can I use alcohol to clean the piercing?- No, you mustn't! Alcohol in its any type will complicate the healing process.
  8. What should I do if my piercing seems infected (it's red)?- If you don't use alcohol or Neosporin and use only sea salt and antibacterial soap to clean the piercing, you'd better consult your piercer or your physician. Nipple and navel piercing are easily irritated and you shouldn't panic beforehand but try to be careful with your jewelry and fresh piercing.
  9. How soon can I start stretching my piercing?- You'd better wait till your piercing is completely healed and then two times as long as it was healing.