What is a Double and Multiple Navel Piercing

Navel piercing is extremely popular nowadays and there are different types of it. Many people do double piercing lately. It is categorized as two piercings around the navel. It can be located below, above or to the sides of the belly button. If you are going to get a double navel piercing, you have to decide whether you want horizontal or vertical piercings. The piercings are done on the top and bottom on the belly button with vertical piercing. Inverse piercing is that when it is started and achieved from below the navel. Either side of the belly button is pierced with horizontal piercing.

dangling barbell
If desired you can make more than two piercings around the area. Multiple piercings around the navel can be done and you can have four and even five piercings around the area. You can use strategy and place the piercings so that certain types of elaborate jewelry will be placed attractively and creatively on or around the navel.
steel belly rings
It is important to choose the right types of jewelry. Barbells for double or multiple navel piercing can be curved or regular. Stainless steel and titanium as well as jeweled barbells are the most popular choice for people with double or multiple belly button piercings. Dangling jewelry is also worn in double navel piercing and you can find it in many shapes and designs. You can also use standard studs and rings and customized jewelry to decorate your double navel piercings. Just remember to pierce your navel in trusted salon by a professional and take proper care of it.