Popularity of Belly Button Piercing

Look around- look at the people on the street, at the waitress in the restaurant, at the barman in the pub, at the covers of the magazines and try to count how many people with body piercing jewelry you have seen. Of course, there are piercing types that aren't in the sight and can be hidden so that you would never know that a girl standing in front of you has, for example, tongue piercing or intimate piercing. But we speak about the popularity of body piercing that is still growing as society has almost totally accepted the idea of body modification with jewelry worn in the body. Any person has all chances to find perfect type of piercing or several (as it usually happens) to enjoy. Women usually start with ear piercings and then belly button piercing is one of the most popular among teens and adults all over the world.

The fashion dictates its rules and the time when hip-hugging pants, bare mid-drifts and tops were the hit, belly button was open. It was one of the reasons for rapid growth of navel piercing popularity. Television has been singing belly button piercing for years already and nowadays more and more people including men are searching for the ways to decorate the navel to make it immensely attractive. The sport has also reached all-time high in popularity and it means that most people do everything to look great and showing off one's body is natural when you are confident and beautiful.

Belly is a symbol of sexual appeal for men and women. When we see a pretty belly with an elegant dangling belly button ring or with a funny acrylic barbell in it, we enjoy the view and it attracts us. With numerous web-sites displaying the photos of celebrities (and we know that most of them have the pierced navel and show it off at multiple photo shoots), it's quite normal that people want to look like the most successful and rich people of the world and fallow the fashion of belly button piercing jewelry.

There are even different types of navel piercing and depending on the individual anatomy innie or outie piercing can be done. Multiple belly piercing is also popular these days thought it requires extra-care and more time.

More and more beautiful, stylish, unique and better button rings are designed to meet all the needs of customers. You will find all imaginable designs, sizes, shapes and colors of belly rings in variety of materials in jewelry shops nowadays. Diamond belly button rings are the hit and elegant sparkle of the most valuable and desirable gemstone in the world on the navel is eye-catching and gorgeous. Gold belly rings are the most popular as well as many women choose acrylic belly jewelry for its bright colors and low price.

People with navel piercing (as well as other piercing types) say that they enjoy new type of freedom and feel great. Piercing is unique way of speaking to your body and enhancing its beauty with a piece of jewelry that can be striking and aggressive or nice and elegant, funny and bright or chic and plain. It's your choice and your body.