Popular Belly Rings and their Symbolism

Do you find body piercing beautiful and attractive? Does your girl-friend or do you have your belly pierced and prefer wearing body piercing jewelry that symbolizes something? Than you'll find some interesting items for your belly button piercing that are really popular nowadays due to their rich symbolism and attractive outlook. There are so many designs and shapes of belly piercing jewelry that it's not always easy to make the choice. And most of animal and other shaped belly rings has its symbolism and carry some information about its wearer. Making the choice you should know what you are going to wear to avoid misunderstandings. And here we go for some popular types of belly rings.

peace belly button rings
If you are peaceful and kind-hearted person, you are against wars and all types of violence, peace belly rings are what you need. And here are some interesting facts about peace sign, its history and modern use. The peace sign is the combination of a vertical line, downward sloping lines and a circle. It was used in service to humanity and the spirit of love throughout history. The peace sign was created in 1958 by Gerald Herbert Holtom when he was working with the direct Action Committee against nuclear war though most modern people see peace sign as the same symbol that has quite another historical meaning associated with Satanism. Such symbol was associated with communism, death and anti-God and some people carry the peace symbol with completely another purpose and don't see it as the message of love.

peace belly button rings

Another popular belly button jewelry pieces are dice belly rings. Dice symbolizes luck and the courage to be risky and push one's luck. Dice has a long history and was found in ancient tombs that are 5000 years old. Dice games were the trigger for wars in the ancient world. Usually dice was made from ankle bones of hoofed animals and later in addition bone, wood, metal and ivory were used. Roman Empire was full of passionate gamblers. Germans were crazy about dicing and they played till they lost everything and even their personal liberty.

butterfly belly button rings

If you are sensual, easy-going and light person, butterfly belly rings are for you. Butterfly symbolizes joy and love, temptation and good health, transportation for the best and beauty, sunny weather and a soul. Butterflies show the whole world the beauty of symmetry and nature, the beauty of shape and color. There is such freedom, divine inspiration and creative thought in the flight of the butterfly. When you wear a nice belly ring with butterfly, you show everyone and yourself that every day of our life is worth our smile and happiness because life is beautiful.

Make your choice and enjoy the beauty of your body and the jewelry you wear!