Piercing Aftercare Recommendations

Body piercing is popular way of decoration and girls and women, guys and men pierce various parts of their bodies for self-expression and drawing attention to certain places. Piercing of the body looks great but we shouldn't forget that there are several factors that influence the way the piercing would look.

First of all, this is the skills and experience of the piercer. It's necessary to make sure your piercer is professional and all equipment and piercing supplies and tools (especially piercing needles, starter jewelry and piercer's hand and gloves) should be sterile. Ask for the portfolio, look around and feel the atmosphere of the piercing shop where you are going to be pierced beforehand.

And the second factor is aftercare. Successful piercing isn't enough for successful healing and healthy outlook of the piercing. Your piercer would give you all necessary aftercare instructions and you should listen to them attentively. But if you have forgotten something or you just want to know beforehand what to expect from healing time, here are some general steps of aftercare.

For cleaning your piercing you may need cotton balls, cotton-tipped swabs, sea salt, small disposable cups and mild anti-bacterial soap.

You thoroughly wash the hands and after you saturate the cotton ball with water, wipe away crusties gathered around the piercing. Do it gently. Put some liquid soap on the fingertip and apply to the jewelry and the piercing site. Then rinse the jewelry and the piercing with warm water (several times) and make sure all soap has been removed. Use clean paper towel to dry the piercing carefully. Speaking about rotating the jewelry, we should notice that it is not necessary. Some piercers advice to rotate the jewelry while cleaning but sometimes it brings more risks and troubles than solves. Sea salt soaks really help. They soothe pain and draw out infections.

You may use special piercing cleaning and healing products. Emu oil is trusted healing product producing exceptional results. Tea tree oil is a soothing liquid that refreshes and cools irritated piercings. H2Ocean solution brings excellent results and anticipates healing. Saline solutions are effective in healing and soothing new piercing and may substitute seal salt soaks.

There are also products that you shouldn't use. Rubbing alcohol dries the skin irritation the raw piercings. And it may cause infection. Hydrogen Peroxide kills not only bacteria but the white blood cells that attempt to heal the new piercing. Antibacterial ointments clog pores and kill good cells that help in healing the piercing. Glyoxide contains hydrogen peroxide and doesn't help in healing.

Take care of your piercing and choose high quality belly piercing jewelry!