Build Your Own Belly Jewelry

Navel piercing holds its proud place among the variety of piercing ideas. Its roots go back to the ancient times where, according to the researchers, Egyptian men used navel rings to adorn their bellies to state their high rank in society. In some cultures, such as Indian, women wear a lot of piercing accessories every day. Actually navel piercing is inseparable from the image of an Indian beauty. The basic idea there is to signify the smooth shapes and beauty of one's belly with precious metals and gems. Although belly button piercing partly belongs to traditional embellishments, nowadays it is practiced in every country of the world. Navel piercing is considered to be one of the less complicated punctures of the body. It gets healed easier than any other kind of piercing. Less than 6 months is needed to heal it nice and completely. All you need to do is follow 2 steps. First is to turn to a professional piercer when having your navel pierced. Second is looking after the puncture well, minding the antiseptic procedures and high-quality accessories. As for accessories, there is a wide variety of them nowadays. You only have to choose those you like most. The most popular shape of a belly ring is a barbell or as it may also be called "bananabell" for the banana-like shape. These are quite simple barbells which have silver caps on both endings to fix them nicely in the piercing hole. The caps may be accomplished with gems and stones, and logos and brands. More and more designs are being invented. There are They can be made in different metals such as silver, gold, plastics and many other materials as long as they're safe and non-toxic. There are millions of variants to find your own individual style of belly button piercing by choosing one from the thousands offered. Still there will always be demanding creative customers who crave for more. As it has been said, where there's a will there's a way. That's why nowadays a new type of navel buttons has been invented to satisfy the pickiest tastes.

Instead of choosing ready-to-wear accessories you may make them yourself! You'll just need the base barbell with a tiny ringlet and a pendant to fix onto it. Thus it'll be super easy to wear different pendants be they teardrop gems, pearls, enameled logos, tiny toys and many other fancy accessories you will prefer. Combining belly barbell components will let you look different every day and create a separate jewelry item for each outfit. More than that, many people have their own amulets and private signs for success or protection. Now it became easier to keep them closer and enjoy them all the time.

custom belly charms

If you feel like accentuating your splendid waistline you may get attracted by the special belly buttons which have small fastenings for waist chains. Thus your navel ring may be combined in a single elaborated composition together with a waist-chain. It will certainly draw everyone's attention and make you look much sexier and attractive. Try this exotic charming look on your waist and belly line.

So if you are creative and feel like becoming a trendsetter in the world of piercing fashion - interchangeable belly button rings are just what you are looking for. Pay attention to the fancy details of jewelry items and express yourself in combining them with your favorite adornments. Be unique, be yourself!