Belly Rings Nowadays

Belly button piercing is considered one of the newest though there was evidence of it in ancient Egypt and the tribes of Incas and Aztecs. Nowadays belly piercing is extremely popular and the revolution of belly rings started in the middle 1990s. Punk culture has promoted piercing of various types but it was considered not a fashion statement but something crazy in some way. And belly piercing became main stream after several models and pop-stars showed their pierced bellies. With the widest choice of belly rings one can easily find jewelry matching her personality, mood, style and wardrobe.

belly heart dangles Now piercing is commonly accepted in society and it's not surprising to see teens with pierced navels as well woman of 30 with a belly ring. Earlier belly piercing was more popular among the teen girls about 15. Today we see woman of 30 and older with belly rings and it's quite normal. And there are reasons for such broad age variants for belly button piercing. Most of the women over 30 with have pierced their navel when they were about 17 and just still enjoy wearing belly button rings. Another reason is that modern women take care of their outlook and look great in their 40 and even later and want to show off their beautiful and still attractive bellies. Some women enjoy this feeling of freedom when you so something a bit crazy, they feel younger and better wearing stylish belly ring. And it's important to have a wide choice of belly jewelry to choose something matching the age and the lifestyle. Adult women realize what this world really is and they know their own personality better. They can wear belly ring as a symbol of their character and attitude to life. Lizard belly rings, for example, can show the love for dreaming and conservation while dice belly rings show the love for risks and adventures.

When you are shopping for new belly jewelry, choose the right metal. Some people have allergic reactions and can't do with gold jewelry or even steel. Titanium belly rings are considered hypoallergenic and they are chosen by majority though women who love gold and can wear it prefer elegant gold belly rings. It's also important that your belly ring matches your lifestyle. If you are active in sport, a simple stud belly ring is perfect while dangling belly ring with tight clothes may cause irritation or friction.

And of course, we should take care of our belly rings as well as of other jewelry. It's easy to get bacteria on belly ring and to avoid unwanted problems with health and beauty, we'd better use special solutions and ways of cleaning the piercing and the jewelry regularly.