Belly Piercing and Social Acceptance

Singers, movie stars, super models and other famous women have popularized belly button rings. But there are still people who find belly piercing socially unacceptable. It is true? Is a young girl or a woman has the right to show off her pierced belly and is it OK?

The popularity of belly rings has grown as well as the popularity of tattoo. It is considered sensual and sexy. There have always been examples for women to follow and you won't find a popular modern magazine witht a photo of a beautiful model or another celebrity with pierced belly. Among the celebrities with pierced belly you'll meet Avril Lavigne, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and many others.

Egyptians, Aztecs and Incas and other ancient civilizations and tribes experienced navel piercing to show social status and for spiritual rituals. When women gained freedom and sexual liberation in the late 20th, the display of definite parts of women's body became normal. Christy Turlington was first to display her pierced belly in the fashion show and that fact made wearing belly rings social acceptable. Women go for belly piercing for various purposes: to feel more sexy and beautiful, to feel good and sensual, to appreciate one's body, to celebrate definite occasion, because it's feminine and daring as well as it can be fun.

Belly rings nowadays are form of sexy gifts among the couples. There is the widest choice of designs, shapes, materials and styles of belly jewelry and you can find something special for you to show your individuality and style. White and yellow gold belly rings are rather expensive and available with gems and CZ. Stainless steel belly rings usually come with crystal dangles or CZ ball at the end. Titanium belly rings are lightweight and can be anodized to create magnificent bright colors. Cheap yet colorful acrylic jewelry that may be glow-in-the-dark is perfect for parties and clubs. And there are people who prefer black designed belly button rings though they are rarer met.

Of course, we shouldn't forget about the risks that may follow the navel piercing and you can do your best to avoid it. There is a special list safety rules by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and though requirements regarding qualification, experience and age of piercers vary from country to country and from state to state, there are some common hygienic and professional standards. And sterile piercing needles and sterilization of all piercing equipment is the most important. It usually takes up to nine months for belly piercing to heal and it's important to follow all the recommendations on aftercare and jewelry.

We see that there is nothing bad and wrong with belly piercing. It was done in ancient times and popularized by famous people. Then why not to attract attention to your beautiful belly and to add some sparkling elegance to the outlook with a nice belly ring?