Nostril Piercing Jewelry Stud, Pin or Ring

Body piercing has been known to humanity since ancient times and the way it was developing is really interesting. Various types of body piercing appeared in different countries, cultures, times and epochs. Some body piercing types are more common and some are rare. Some are so popular that almost one in three in America has it. Nose piercing is one of the most popular piercings nowadays. And there are different types of nose piercing jewelry. First of all, there are three types of nose piercing- septum, bridge and nostril. We'll discuss the jewelry for the most elegant and accepted by society type- nostril piercing. What to choose- nose stud, nose pin or nose ring? Though all of them are available in variety of colors and styles, they have own drawbacks and positive characteristics.

Nose studs can be straight (it's called nose bone) and long. There are also L-shaped nose studs. Nose stud differs from nose pin in its angle, shape of the tail (it determines the fit of the jewelry) and length.

Nose pins have a tail set at such angle that allows easier placement. This tail is usually very short and contains a small bead at the end or ends in a straight post. Pins are not recommended for fresh nostril piercings as they can be painful to insert and remove depending on the length of the post and the size of the ball at the end.

Nose studs are larger that nose pins and they are better for new piercings though because of their larger size they may not fit for every nose piercing.

And what about nose rings? Nose rings allow extra room during the initial swelling from the piercing due to their thinner gauge. With thin nose hoop the cleaning the piercing and turning the ring becomes easier.

The aesthetic look of nose ring and nose stud differs greatly and you should decide what you want to look like beforehand as you won't have opportunity to change the nostril piercing jewelry until your piercing is completely healed.

Clean new piercing at least twice a day. Use special solution. Nostril piercing takes about three months to heal and you'd better choose hypoallergenic jewelry for new piercing. It may be 14K gold nose jewelry, titanium and stainless steel nose studs. Unfortunately, nobody is secured from infection. If you have redness, discharge or swelling, consult your piercer or your doctor and don't remove the piercing jewelry yourself.

And choose the nose jewelry that matches your lifestyle and your personality at Comfort is the most important but don't forget about style and beauty!