Body Piercing Jewelry Metals and Other Materials

Body piercing jewelry is available in indescribable quantities nowadays because body piercing is on the top of popularity. To meet all the needs of customers with different social position, income, lifestyle and taste, piercing jewelry designers work to offer the widest choice of jewelry for all types of body piercing. Piercing jewelry is made not only of metal but most of it is. Metal becomes smooth after polishing and this means no scratches, pitting or other marring to harbor bacteria. The first line of defense of any man is skin and piercing is being placed in it. Therefore bacteria are one of the worst enemies of body piercing.
Let's discuss the pros and cons of the metals used in piercing jewelry by the frequency of usage.

  • Surgical Stainless Steel piercing jewelry. SSS has very low allergy rate and it is inexpensive. The safety and cost makes this metal the common choice.
  • Titanium piercing jewelry. This metal is one of the best that is used in body jewelry making. It has almost no drawbacks. It is rather expensive, but its quality is worth that money. Titanium jewelry is perfect choice for people who are allergic to some metals. Titanium jewelry became even more popular due to the colored designs. Titanium anodized jewelry is available in different bright colors and it looks great.
  • 14K gold piercing jewelry. Yellow or white gold body jewelry contains additional alloys to make the piece harder. Gold jewelry is popular choice for eyebrow, lip, belly button and ear piercings. It looks elegant and impressive.
  • Sterling Silver piercing jewelry. This body jewelry is usually designed for navel piercing, ear and nose piercing. Silver matches almost any color and outlook. Nostril piercing looks elegant with a silver pin or stud in it.
  • Gold Plated piercing jewelry. It looks like real gold jewelry but washes with the time and may cause irritation or other reaction. Worn not daily, it's quite OK.
  • Plastic (acrylic) piercing jewelry. It is for people who can't tolerate metals or just like bright and funny designed jewelry. Acrylic body jewelry is available in multiple shapes, types and colors.
  • PTFE piercing jewelry. Lightweight and good looking body jewelry at the affordable price.
  • Organic materials piercing jewelry. All these bones, horns, mother of pearls, etc., are not the best choice for constant wear. It's better to wear them just for one or several going outs. Though there are people who can wear them without any problems for a long time.

So, if you are searching for the jewelry for fresh piercing, choose titanium or 316L stainless steel jewelry. Consider your piercing gauge size. And enjoy the beauty of your body.