Build Your Own Belly Jewelry

Navel piercing is a great way to show your sexuality and feminity, a gesture of self-exposure. There exist plenty of belly button rings designs. One will hardly find anything surprising and extraordinary in belly accessories. Except for the new kind of navel piercing details which can be combined together. You can create unique items for your piercing. They promise to be super individual and emphasize your originality. Dare to be unique and special. Don't be afraid of bright images and designs. Try, create and enjoy!
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Nostril Piercing Jewelry Stud, Pin or Ring

Body piercing has been known to humanity since ancient times and the way it was developing is really interesting. Various types of body piercing appeared in different countries, cultures, times and epochs. Some body piercing types are more common and some are rare. Some are so popular that almost one in three in America has it. Nose piercing is one of the most popular piercings nowadays. And there are different types of nose piercing jewelry. First of all, there are three types of nose piercing - septum, bridge and nostril. We'll discuss the jewelry for the most elegant and accepted by society type - nostril piercing.

What is a Double and Multiple Navel Piercing

Navel piercing is extremely popular nowadays and there are different types of it. Many people do double piercing lately. It is categorized as two piercings around the navel. It can be located below, above or to the sides of the belly button. If you are going to get a double navel piercing, you have to decide whether you want horizontal or vertical piercings. The piercings are done on the top and bottom on the belly button with vertical piercing. Inverse piercing is that when it is started and achieved from below the navel. Either side of the belly button is pierced with horizontal piercing.
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Body Piercing Jewelry Metals and Other Materials

Body piercing jewelry is available in indescribable quantities nowadays because body piercing is on the top of popularity. To meet all the needs of customers with different social position, income, lifestyle and taste, piercing jewelry designers work to offer the widest choice of jewelry for all types of body piercing. Piercing jewelry is made not only of metal but most of it is. Metal becomes smooth after polishing and this means no scratches, pitting or other marring to harbor bacteria.

Popularity of Belly Button Piercing

Look around- look at the people on the street, at the waitress in the restaurant, at the barman in the pub, at the covers of the magazines and try to count how many people with body piercing jewelry you have seen. Of course, there are piercing types that aren't in the sight and can be hidden so that you would never know that a girl standing in front of you has, for example, tongue piercing or intimate piercing.

Piercing Aftercare Recommendations

Body piercing is popular way of decoration and girls and women, guys and men pierce various parts of their bodies for self-expression and drawing attention to certain places. Piercing of the body looks great but we shouldn't forget that there are several factors that influence the way the piercing would look. First of all, this is the skills and experience of the piercer. It's necessary to make sure your piercer is professional and all equipment and piercing supplies and tools (especially piercing needles, starter jewelry and piercer's hand and gloves) should be sterile.

Belly Piercing and Social Acceptance

Singers, movie stars, super models and other famous women have popularized belly button rings. But there are still people who find belly piercing socially unacceptable. It is true? Is a young girl or a woman has the right to show off her pierced belly and is it OK?
The popularity of belly rings has grown as well as the popularity of tattoo. It is considered sensual and sexy. There have always been examples for women to follow and you won't find a popular modern magazine witht a photo of a beautiful model

Belly Rings Nowadays

Belly button piercing is considered one of the newest though there was evidence of it in ancient Egypt and the tribes of Incas and Aztecs. Nowadays belly piercing is extremely popular and the revolution of belly rings started in the middle 1990s. Punk culture has promoted piercing of various types but it was considered not a fashion statement but something crazy in some way. And belly piercing became main stream after several models and pop-stars showed their pierced bellies.

History of Body Piercing

Body piercing is ancient tradition and it has been practiced by almost all cultures through the history. Nowadays body piercing is very popular in America, Western Europe and other countries. Do you know interesting historical facts about piercing? Here you'll find some that may be new for you.

Piercing FAQ

Piercing is not an easy procedure and it's normal to ask the questions to find more information on the piercing you are going to do or you already have. And here are the answers on some piercing frequently asked questions. Will it hurt?- Mental fear and anxiety are the worst part of piercing, as practice has proved. The procedure itself is usually very brief and most of people just smile and laugh on their fears when it's over. But there is pain and of course it is individual.

Popular Belly Rings and their Symbolism

Do you find body piercing beautiful and attractive? Does your girl-friend or do you have your belly pierced and prefer wearing body piercing jewelry that symbolizes something? Than you'll find some interesting items for your belly button piercing that are really popular nowadays due to their rich symbolism and attractive outlook.
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Body Piercing and Belly Button Piercing

Body piercing has become fashionable trend nowadays and we can call it even a great part of the mainstream culture in our society. There are multiple piercing establishments and piercing jewelry stores. People get used to teens with facial piercings and women with pierced bellies. But if you are new to body piercing, you may be confused. Here is some information about body piercing and its most popular type among girls and women.